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Multifunctional design



ANOTHER CREATION is a new fashion label. The concept is the first of its kind and offers a unique value proposition for their customers.

The design has the option of transforming into a new look with little effort. ANOTHER CREATION offers its customer the possibility of updating their clothes. We design, produce and sell high quality clothes where every item has a multifunctional quality that allows the customer to modify the product by demand.

The ANOTHER CREATION design is innovative but classic. To ensure top quality products for our luxury accustomed consumer, only the finest Italian fabrics are used four our coats and Icelandic leather for our jackets. ANOTHER CREATION is made by workmanship of the best in the field. We are collaborating with Italian manufacturers, the label “made in Italy” is important to us whereas it reflects the importance of our focus on exceptional quality and ambition.


RFF — 17


Another Creation


Essence of our collection is the multifunctional leather and suede jacket that you can zip off the sleeves and collar and get a new look in seconds.


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